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You are going to assess a person with whom you work or have worked. He (she) has chosen you to give your perception of his (her) professional behaviour. Thus, he (she) demonstrates his (her) trust in your capacity to bring him (her) a sincere and thoughtful evaluation, which will allow him (her) to learn and make progress in the course of his (her) career.

Once you have completed the questionnaires, you can choose to give an anonymous answer or not. You will still have the possibility of moderating your answers before validating your choice. We encourage you to answer openly, which means not opting for an anonymous answer. Indeed, we consider that it is better to take responsibility for one’s answer, be it toned down, because it offers the possibility of an exchange. However, depending on the context, we also understand that complete transparency is not always possible and we commit to strictly respecting your choice and protecting the anonymity of your answers, if you opt for this solution.

Try to express your perception as precisely as possible. Naturally, we consider that your answer is the reflection of your opinion at a precise moment, and not the unwavering and permanent truth. The answers given are neither good, nor bad. It is not a question of giving good references to a recruitment agency, but of allowing the assessed person to clarify his (her) image with others in order to define axes of improvement. This questionnaire will be illuminating only inasmuch as you will have completed it with moderation and sincerity.

Two ratings are expected :

- On the current level of mastery of the skill being assessed. A scale from 1 (in need of improvement) to 6 (strong point) is proposed. It is of course advisable to evaluate this skill in relation to the expectations required in the position. Even if you feel you cannot assess this skill, it is nevertheless required to answer every question, otherwise we cannot process your questionnaire.

- On the level of priority you recommend for the development of this skill. You will tick the item "priority" if you consider that this skill area should be developed (without worrying about the feasibility of this improvement). Try to be selective in your appraisal by ticking no more than 3 priority items per questionnaire.

We thank you for the time you will spare to complete these questionnaires, in particular the one entitled Open Questions.

Our 360 ° Assessment is governed by the law on intellectual property. Our questionnaires cannot be reproduced, disseminated, or even modified on any account. As this 360 ° Assessment method requires the consultation of co-workers within, and possibly, outside the company, the respect of intellectual property regarding this tool concerns not only the employee himself, but also his different evaluators. The employee is required to inform them of our copyright regulations.


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